Jab-Free Job Fair

Today, millions of Americans are being told they have to take a Covid-19 vaccine in order to keep their job. This assault on our rights and freedoms is happening in every State, every County, every community. So what are we to do? One option is to capitulate and give up your freedom, but if you’re on this website I know that IS NOT an option for you.

You could ask, beg and plead for a medical “exemption” or religious “exemption.” This however, still gives these corporations a foot in the door and you will have compromised your freedom to simply say “NO!”

A third option, is to refuse the jab, refuse the mask, and refuse the testing. Many people will be [wrongfully] terminated for taking this stand, but let the chips fall where they may and rest easy knowing that you stood your ground and you stood for freedom.

If you do have the courage to take this stand against medical tyranny, you likely are between a rock and hard place when it comes to your income. Don’t let a paycheck come between you and your freedoms. At the Jab-Free Job Fair in Naples, Florida you will find employers that are hiring and WILL NOT make a mask, Covid-19 testing, or vaccination status a requirement for employment.

Update your resume and mark your calendar today.

Testimonials from Jab-Free Job Fair

“Great turn out at the jab free job fair! It is encouraging to see all the community support and determination of people who stand up for what they believe in. God Bless America!”
— Matthew Fister, President of Gulf Shore Electric

(239) 221-7265
1495 Rail Head Blvd., Suite 14, Naples, Florida 34110

“The Patriot Project Jab Free Job Fair was a great way to meet career seekers that were displaced from their employers due to vaccine mandates.  It wasn’t about pro-vaccine vs anti-vaccine, but about someone’s right to choose what they put in their body.  My practice is respectful of people’s decision on this matter, either way, and won’t pass judgment or enforce mandates that are in opposition to their beliefs and points of view.”
— Chad Luttrell, CLU Financial Advisor

Office 239-985-2800
10070 Daniels Intrste Ct., Ste 230
Fort Myers, Florida 33913-7865

Participating Businesses

  • www.megagraphx.com