What is a BOLD business?

Over the last year, tyrannical governments across the united States have isolated people, forced businesses to close, made unconstitutional mandates and imposed crippling restrictions that threaten the freedoms and liberties that our government is supposed to protect.

Many small business owners have chosen to operate as usual throughout this entire “pandemic.” Many business owners did shut down, and are on the brink of bankruptcy as a result. Some business owners have decided to open up in spite of the shutdown orders. Some business owners have decided NOT to enforce the unconstitutional mask mandates on employees and customers.

Some business owners, however, are on the fence. Maybe you’re concerned about the fines you might face. Maybe your State is so tyrannical, you’d be arrested for simply opening your business to make a living.

What are business owners to do in the face of such a difficult choice to make? First, know that you are not alone. Thousands of small businesses have answered Alfie Oakes’ call to action and we currently organizing to provide the American people with a Bold Business online database to help you and your business connect with freedom loving Americans who are looking for BOLD businesses to support.

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